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Ken Scott

Ken Scott, an avant-garde and revolutionary American artist, was born in 1918 and from a very young age showed a strong passion for painting that led him to study in New York. Painting is his first true "craft"; all his other passions will follow it. A free and curious spirit, he moved to Europe in 1946 and finally landed in Milan in 1955, where he founded the Falconetto brand.

“One day I started designing fabrics; that was the end of my painting career”.
It will be from textiles that Ken Scott will revolutionize the taste of the time. Its hallmark are bright and sunny colors, unpredictable tone-combinations, joyful flowers.

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Since the early 1960s he has designed collections of clothes and accessories that make him famous all over the world. Ken Scott’s fashion-parades were real shows that showed his extraordinary creative spirit.

In 1969 he opened Eats & Drinks in Milan, the world’s first branded restaurant. Literally everything was designed by him, anticipating the explosion of the "food mood" of the following decades.

Ken Scott was also architect and gardener, showing an innate talent to decorate with greenery. He was called "Gardener of fashion", thanks to his amazing ability to use textiles to grow colorful flowers and fantastic gardens.

The unbridled imagination, the innate irony, are accompanied by extraordinary knowledge of fabrics and technical skills.

His creativity is undeniably immortal.

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pesci pesci

An unprecedented collection for the home

Ken Scott’s patterns, which retain the names originally coined by the artist, take new life in this new collection produced and distributed by Gabel: a proposal made of disruptive colors, energy and originality for all the rooms of the house.

The collection comes from a careful and meticulous selection from thousands of drawings.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

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The bedroom is dressed in flowers, leaves and geometries with a strong personality. Refined handmade finishes combine prints,colors and patterns.


A disruptive collection made of vibrant colors to decorate the living area with unique prints.

Cuscino Arredo Saturno_1 Cuscino Arredo Saturno_1
Tovaglia Rettangolare Fragoloni Tovaglia Rettangolare Fragoloni


and kitchen

table and kitchen

Between practicality and style, fashion is served!  It is the perfect scene for a colorful and refined mise en place.


and fouta

bathroom and fouta

A wide selection of towels and bathrobes with iconic patterns that combine functionality and beauty... and for the sea not to be missed the Fouta beach towel.

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Ken Scott

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