Attention to exclusive quality, from the choise of yarns to all the production steps, up to customers service


Gabel 1957 aims to make people feel good, thanks to innovative and quality products, manufactured while respecting the environment.

We are "client oriented": we decide our collections always focusing on the costumer, to his needs and desires. We are passionate about design, its evolution and how things change, along with the behavior of individuals.

Attention to quality is present at all stages: from the choice of the best cotton yarns to the production chain's costant control so that it is efficient and points to have a minimum impact on the environment; from workplaces, guaranteeing well-being and comfort, constantly looking for confrontation with all the collaborators, up to customer service.

The entire production, as well as all Gabel offices and stores, use only energy from directly owned renewable sources, and Gabel 1957 is continuing the path of sustainability certifications, concrete proof of the company's ongoing commitment.

We are an ethical company that bases its activity on rules of moral conduct that protect social and environmental aspects. We are a green company, we produce and use clean energy and we are SteP certified (Sustainable Textile Production) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

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Il valore umano è misurato dalle cose che crea. 

K. Gibran