Since 1957 we have been creating home linens in Italy with style and innovation to dress up your entire home.

Gabel ambassador of the Italian excellence since 1957

A recognizable imprint of our tradition and passion to create quality home linens,
with style and character to make all the rooms of your home unique.

Gabel 1957's history began in the post-war years (1936), with a network of stores in Milan called "I Magazzini Ambrosiani del Popolo", where canvas, muslin and linen were sold by the meter.
In 1948 a small workshop of skilled embroiderers was created to cut and sew the fabric, embellishing it with lace and embroidery.

The intention was to give a service to the emerging bourgeoisie that, far from thinking of packaging and embroidering household linen, as per tradition, relied on a shop to buy the finished product.
This was the first entrepreneurial step that led to the need to enlarge the workshop in the early 1950s, hiring personnel and building a branch in the Como area with a warehouse for finished products to be sent to the stores.

It is with the advent of printing, following the spinning and the weaving, that Gabel 1957 begins its path of production, gradually covering the entire production process.
Gabel 1957 was founded in 1957 in the province of Como, a textile district famous all over the world for providing the most beautiful fabrics to the best fashion brands.

In this area, rich in textile tradition, Gabel 1957 grows by managing all the production phases: from weaving, to dyeing, printing, finishing, packaging, up to quality control. A choice that, still today, distinguishes Gabel 1957 in the European textile panorama, ensuring high quality standards, prompt service, and at the same time carrying forward the values of environmental sustainability and fair trade.

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Foto d'autore dell'esterno storico dell'azienda

Gabel 1957, innovation, quality, Italian style

An all-round company choice that also emerges from having commissioned, at the beginning of the seventies, the architect Vittorio Gregotti's study for the project of the offices and, subsequently, of the production departments for a beautiful and efficient workplace.
Projects of style, care, passion. In a word, total quality, which passes through the search for beauty and well-being, the respect of the environment and ethical awareness.
Gabel 1957 is an ambassador of Made in Italy, telling, through its collections the story of the Italian lifestyle. “Beautiful and well done” is the motto that could define us. Attention to quality during all stages of production and constant innovation of processes and products.
Gabel 1957 is innovation, quality, style. A constant research, aimed at making improvements to the design processes but also to the study of lower consumption, waste and maximum recycling.
Gabel 1957 produces linens for all the rooms of your home. For the bedroom: sheets, bedspreads, quilts, duvet covers, duvets. For the bathroom: bathrobes, towels and bath towels. For the kitchen and table: tablecloths, american sets, runners. For the living room cover armchair and sofa covers, furnishing covers and decorative cushions.

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