Gabel1957 presents special collections, dedicated to winter sales with discounts on the best household linen products.

“Bianco di tutti I colori”, every year comes back renewed, maintaining the quality and characteristics of always; countless colors and the many modern and trendy patterns lend themselves to meet the most diverse styles and needs, in perfect harmony with every type of furniture.8 unusual patterns for bed and bathroom with the entrance of the solid color Italy coordinated with the entire collection, “buonanotte” of bed accessories and furniture line with 3 new designs to furnish the living room. The line dedicated to the table is the right card to play to create a cozy and fashionable atmosphere. The collection presents, despite being unpublished, the discount from 20 to 40%.

Bianco Macro and Bianco Soft are two thematic collections that complete the offer of Gabel1957. Bianco Macro enriches the offer of the Winter Sale, with a particularly modern, young, very colorful collection for the bed and bathroom, characterized by macro designs, discounts up to 30%. Bianco Soft, on the other hand, as the name suggests, is aimed at an audience that loves a more delicate style although characterized by modern designs, neutral colors distinguish this line of bed linen and towels, with special discounts up to 30%. 

The focus of the offer dedicated to the winter sales, is the collection Bianco di tutti I colori, with countless high quality proposals for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all united by the unmistakable style of Gabel1957 and 100% Italian production, directly in their factories and certified sustainable.

New collections, fully coordinated, designed to accommodate fashion trends, proposed for the month of January and February at a super attractive price.

Multiple patterns and coordinated colors (false united with small drawings), strong colors for character designs, to make the protagonist of the bed, the bathroom and the table. Bianco di tutti i colori is a rich and transversal collection both for the proposed designs and for the colours used. The transversality of the designs, always coordinated thanks to the color palette that harmonizes the collection ( present in the collection the pantone 2023 magenta!) and the refined chromatic proposal will allow to satisfy all the furnishing styles and the most demanding and attentive customers. The names of the drawings dedicated to Europe in a virtual tour of the countries.

Starting from the bed proposals, Gabel1957 offers 5 different designs declined in full sheet, duvet cover and quilt. 

Norway, design reminiscent of the Prince of Wales, tone on tone, available in two different colors; Denmark floral explosion, elegant and enveloping warm colors, furniture style; Greece, Scottish design with its sharp textures and bright colors, It dresses with character the bed; Luxembourg is the most refined design, elegant with its color brushes that certainly do not go unnoticed; Iceland a macro design reminiscent of nature accompanied by floral elements revisited in a modern and young. The designs Denmark and Iceland are only available in the double version while all other proposals are available both in the double version, and square and single.

Bed accessories enrich the collection. To be coordinated with all the designs of the collection, the bed sheet and pillowcases are available in 8 different variants and in different sizes. The terry mattress cover and the Jersey mattress cover are both available for the single, one and a half square and double bed.  The inevitable pillow cover is available in two versions, Jersey and antibacterial that accompanies the pillows designed for every need: microfiber, antibacterial, memory antibacterial, aloe and cotton lining. 

The Gabel1957 multipurpose towel with its three designs can only convey elegance and style: Ireland with its oriental-inspired decorations, Croatia characterized by colorful stripes and Switzerland for an elegant and rigorous look. 

Very rich the proposal Gabel1957 also for the bathroom: bathrobe, set 1 + 1 and bath towel available in the design “Italia”. The bath towel and the set 1+1, face and guest in pure cotton jacquard sponge, 400gr, in 8 colors. Finally, the section dedicated to the bathroom concludes the soft bathrobe in pure cotton cotton jacquard, 380gr/sqm , with hood in various sizes: S, M, L, XL.

The “ Bianco di tutti I colori” also comes into the kitchen and offers a wide selection of tablecloths available in different sizes and designs ideal for decorating a warm and cozy diner. The 5 designs available, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, of which three geometric and two decorative ones put the color in the center outlining it in small attractive and refined shapes creating a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

Graphic and macro drawings are mixed with lively and wide fields of color, creating the new collection Bianco Macro inspired by the world of macro geometries. A young and modern collection, in the study of colors, drawings, and presentation.

Newton available in a complete sheet, duvet cover and quilt parure is the harlequin with the interchange of geometric shapes with tones accesses ensures an effect of great personality and character to the bedroom. The other designs: Thales, Archimedes and Pythagoras characterized by bold geometric shapes and bright colors that ensure strong personality, from large polka dots to geometric stripes, to Scottish. All products are available in different sizes for the double bed. 

Complete the collection for the bathroom, the set 1 + 1, guest and face, available in two different designs, pure cotton Talete 420gr/ sqm with jacquard polka dots and Newton in pure cotton jacquard towel with contrasting edge, always 420gr/ sqm. 

Bianco Soft, the second thematic collection, is characterized by delicate textures and soft prints that are outlined in three different designs for the bed that convey a sense of peace and relaxation. Mistral, Scirocco, Brezza dedicated to Nature, are printed on pure cotton madapolam . The complete sheet, the duvet cover and the quilt dedicated especially to the double bed, give the opportunity to create a cozy and Hygge.

As for the bathroom area, the collection is enriched by the set 1+1, guest and face, available in two different designs, Levante and Bora the first  towel in dyed yarn with jacquard pattern and fringes of 420gr/sqm and the second with an elegant jacquard wave pattern always dyed in thread and 420gr/ sqm