On Sunday 28th November, from 2pm to 7pm, Gabel Industria Tessile Spa will open its doors to visitors allowing them to view the entire active production cycle.

A half day together, in which it will be possible to enter the world of Gabel1957 letting yourself be fascinated by the stories of the three Moltrasio brothers - Michele Moltrasio, CEO of the Gabel Group, Massimo Moltrasio, Head of product and style department, and Francesca Moltrasio, Head of digital marketing and communication department - on the birth and growth of this household linen manufacturing company.

The guided tours, which will last 45 minutes, will allow visitors to see the production process in operation and in particular to visit the printing factory (rotary and digital), the finishing department, the dyeing plant, the historical archive of the cylinders, the product and style office and logistics.

The novelty of this year is a conference, held by the CEO Michele Moltrasio, who will talk about sustainability, discussing the Gabel Group's ethical commitment and the control of the Group's production chain (entirely Italian, short and transparent).