The historic Como brand has created two collections capable of expressing the magical spirit of holidays, adapting with elegance and style to different contexts and to the most demanding tastes.

To make the Christmas season even more special, Gabel1957 - part of the group of the same name, with the brands Somma1867, Vallesusa CASA and Pretti - offers "Buon Natale" and "Magie", two collections entirely dedicated to the most loved party for young and old, different in style but united by the high quality of 100% Made in Italy yarns and a particular attention to respect for the environment.

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Merry Christmas: to experience the joy of Christmas

With the "Merry Christmas" collection, Gabel1957 has thought above all of those who love Christmas, with all its timeless colors, white red and green but also silver and glitter, 15 designs from tartan, to the classic poinsettia or pomegranate, from jacquard to print, from minimal to fantasy and the trendiest proposals for a Christmas with an authentic flavor. For decoration lovers, for those who choose typical colors and patterns that perfectly reflect the Christmas atmosphere, but not only, "Merry Christmas" is the perfect collection! The line includes tablecloth, apron set + tea towel, kitchen set (oven glove + 2 pot holders). Bread racks and tablecloths set, table runners, American sets and of course tea towels and dish towels with the 2022 calendar, but also furniture cushion covers. Overall, the various elements that make up the collection represent a useful, witty and sustainable gift idea, since all the creations were made in Italy with low environmental impact productions.

Thinking about the proposals for the Christmas period, which represents a moment of joy and sharing, but also of great waste of plastic packaging, Gabel1957 has chosen 100% eco-friendly packaging and a pure cotton collection, produced entirely in Italy, Made in Gabel.

A natural, environmentally friendly, homegrown line. The “Merry Christmas” collection, in the occasion of the 2021 holidays, will be further enriched by brand new kitchen towels made of jacquard sponge, whose Christmas textures adapt perfectly to the panama tea towels already present in the collection. These towels, made with sartorial precision, are offered with three different designs, each of which is available in different variants.

Magie: to make every occasion special

The most exciting moments of the holidays are those spent at the table, together with the loved ones. For this reason, Gabel1957 presents its precious “Magie” collection, designed to embellish the tables during the most heartfelt appointments with relatives and friends, or why not, on special occasions, such as romantic dinners. This collection, consisting of 11 designs including tablecloths and tableware, has been designed for those who love a classic, elegant and refined style: thanks to its timeless taste, this line fits perfectly on the tables of Italians - beyond the holiday season - at any time of the year. The different elements that make up the collection have been made with the best quality yarns, with fine jacquard fabrics, presenting themselves with different designs capable of producing a great aesthetic effect. With its vast selection of unique proposals, “Magie” is able to fully satisfy even the most demanding tastes, without ever disappointing. Also for this collection, the company has chosen to take the side of the environment, relying on eco-sustainable yarns and production with little impact on nature up to 100% eco-friendly packaging.

The Elite, Prestige, Luxury, Ornamental and Idole designs (in precious pure cotton jacquard fabric, from the most classic motifs to the lace effect, from damask designs to the more decorative ones) and Indienne (printed on jacquard fabric with golden lacquers rich designs of Indian tradition) are available for tables of 6, 8, 12 and 18 people, the "Magie" collection is composed of both tablecloths and table sets (tablecloth + napkins): Sonnet, Gilt, Absolute, Hipnose and Stardust are printed on pure cotton Panama with applications of lamé ribbon, glitter or gold and silver lacquers.

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Thanks to the high quality of the yarns and the wide range of customization possibilities offered by its products, with ever-changing colors and patterns, Gabel1957 has created two collections capable of bringing harmony and liveliness to any kitchen, thus expressing the most authentic spirit of Christmas.