SALES 2020, discover all the offers by Gabel 1957 up to 50%: 100% Made in Italy quality and style, online, in GabelCASA stores and in all our resellers!

This year, due to the Covid-19 emergency that forced stores to remain closed for about 2 months, the sales season has been postponed. We must wait for the beginning of August, to be precise on Saturday 1, the date on which the most anticipated period of the year will start throughout Italy, the summer sales! In july you will find some unbelievable offers: SALES PREVIEW UP TO 40%!

Dealing with the summer season will be much easier with the three Capsule Collections designed by Gabel1957: WHITE Red and Blue, WHITE of all colors and WHITE Shabby.

Each Capsule Collection, created ad hoc for the White Fair, will satisfy everyone's tastes. Each collection is perfect for any type of environment and style and includes bed, table and bathroom linens, at unmissable prices, rigorously MADE IN ITALY, with certified quality and with full respect for the environment.

In order not to forget summer too quickly, Gabel1957 proposes the WHITE, Red and Blue collection, a perfect mix that recalls the beautiful sunny days, the scent of the sea, the navy style, the colors of the flags. A simple and elegant combination, capable of giving us a pleasant sense of freedom and joy. Ideal for a young couple, for singles and a second home!

The colors used, the leitmotif of the whole collection and the classic "trio del marinaio", are white, blue and red. The collection features the following designs: Galatea, a complete sheet printed with digital technique, white background with a pattern reminiscent of the waves of the sea, with red and blue stripes - the flagship of this suit, the pillowcases embellished with colored buttons contrast and a placed motif of a sunset over the sea. Coralia, a fresh and unisex design, a thin lattice of red and blue lines and white squares, available in the complete sheet printed on pure cotton madapolam; Oceano a navy solid color enriched, on the edges, by a red line; Morgan, the complete sheet with a white background with a small geometric pattern with rhombuses, in the blue or red variants. Doris, a solid red or navy design characterized by a small motif of a white dragonfly, very delicate and almost imperceptible; Oyster, wide white, gray and navy lines interspersed with red and blue stripes, for a gritty design with which to relive the unforgettable moments spent at the sea!

These last two designs are available in a complete sheet and double print bedspread, ideal for dressing the bed in all seasons; the flounce of the sheet with double print, front and back, without seams allows it to be used even without a bedspread.

The collection also includes the Marina multipurpose towel / bedspread, printed on soft pure cotton jacquard fabric, in two solid red and blue variants, the beautiful rectangular tablecloths, Perla, with an arabesque pattern, and Seaside with a geometric pattern with squares, both printed on pure cotton panama and available for 6, 8 and 12 people. This line also includes products designed for the bathroom, bathrobes and terry sets, in pure cotton all entirely produced in Italy: the terry sets, Coralia and Doris, of pure cotton wool with chisel or double yarn-dyed jacquard chisel; the bathrobe with hood, Delfina, in jacquard single-sponge yarn dyed pure cotton wool. Of course, as perceived by the name of the collection, these products are also characterized by the color palette, classic but always successful, white, red and blue. Very high quality and extraordinary softness, at a very special price!

The WHITE collection of all colors, completely renewed from a stylistic point of view, has been enriched for spring-summer 2020 with new patterns and solid colors, with fresh and trendy colors: the transversality of the designs and its color palette makes it the perfect collection to create stylish coordinated suits and the ideal choice for any room in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen. This too, like all the brand's collections, is "proudly" produced in Italy and is characterized by the use of top quality raw materials, 58-thread pure cotton madapolam for the sheets; hydrophilic pure cotton terry for the bath proposal and soft hypoallergenic polyester fiber wadding for the pillows.

Many proposed designs, characterized by elegant patterns combined with a refined, innovative and original chromatic proposal: flowers, stripes, geometric shapes and false units, this collection satisfies all tastes! For the most romantic, the Nuance and Sanderson designs, with their delicate watercolor flowers; for the more creative, Forever, Etnic and Pixel designs, with their geometric shapes with an optical effect; Basic and Tonality are the perfect designs for those who love lines, subtle and discreet; Unique a combined fake motif, really perfect for young and old.

Each design in the collection can be combined with the Atmosphere plain-colored proposals, available in pillowcase and under-sheet versions, in 58-thread pure cotton madapolam, dyed with reactive dyes that guarantee bright and wash-resistant colors.

Complete sheets, duvet cover sets, quilts, but also the new Buona Notte line, composed of bed accessories such as the mattress cover, the mattress cover, the pillow cover and pillows of different types (microfiber, softylen, antibacterial, memory); and again, the tablecloths (Formidable and Fantastique designs), the Atmosphere bathrobes in soft solid color micro-terry, light and not bulky, perfect for athletes, and the terry sets: many trendy ideas and suggestions to renovate your home with convenience and quality .

Do you love the Victorian atmosphere and the style of English country houses? Then the WHITE Shabby collection is the right choice for you!

The romanticism of the shabby style and the desire for summer meet in this new collection: a timeless, classic proposal, where precious prints with delicate tones and elegant finishes create a collection without excess, capable of adapting to any environment, even the more sophisticated.

A valuable collection in every proposal, for lovers of beauty and quality, characterized by soft, delicate, pastel but always trendy colors. The designs are Treasure, a white background embellished with a small light blue flower, Tenderly chic and vintage, a tone-on-tone floral embroidery; Sensation characterized by a floral motif with a country and feminine touch; with Poetry let yourself be lulled by the sweet words of a Provencal love song. The collection is completed by the Passion embroidered bedspread and the Contour bedspread in pure cotton jacquard, two refined proposals that embellish all the other references in the line.

This collection is divided into several proposals for both bedroom and bathroom: complete sheets, multipurpose towels, bedspreads and terry sets, in pure cotton.

All Gabel1957 products are entirely designed, woven, printed and packaged in Italy. The Rovellasca company uses only certified dyes and prefers the absence of harmful substances in all its products. The Oeko-Tex certification testifies to this commitment.

All collections will soon be available in all our brand stores, on the online shop and in the best home linen stores.