Gabel presents Ethos: the first line in the Italian textile panorama to obtain GOTS certification for textile products crafted with fibers from organic agriculture, soon available online and in our stores!

Ethos, Gabel's green revolution

With Ethos, Gabel reconfirms its sustainable choices undertaken for decades and actively engages in safeguarding and protecting our Planet for the next generations.
The damage caused to the environment by the heavy impact of human activities is now visible to everyone: catastrophic and sudden climate changes, devastation of entire ecosystems, increasingly evident economic and social inequalities.
The strong belief of our Group is that of finding ourselves at a crossroads, from which it is no longer possible to go back: the path of sustainability is irreversible.
However, the upheavals we are witnessing are accompanied by a greater "green" sensitivity of companies and citizens and by the choice of more aware and respectful paths of nature.
GOTS is the most important international certification for textile products made with fibers from organic agriculture. All organic textile products are truly sustainable and obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria.
The GOTS certification applies to all levels of production, from the collection of natural fibers in the field to all manufacturing stages, up to the finished product: each step must be certified independently.

All the eco-sustainable yarns

Ethos embraces all aspects of sustainability: the bed and bathroom sets are in pure GOTS certified cotton (certified by ICEA GOTS 2019-159); for quilts and bed accessories, both materials provided by nature (cotton, wool, kapok and latex) and regenerated materials such as down and polyester (GRS certification) were used. All products are also entirely packaged with a low environmental impact pack: cardboard, cotton, mater-bi and regenerated polyester. Ethos by Gabel is the choice of linen for the home of those seeking relaxation and well-being in full respect of nature and the environment around us.

1. Pure GOTS certified organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown and processed with respect for the planet and people, absolutely avoiding the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In order to obtain certification, however, cotton fiber must reach the highest standards, it is not enough for cotton to have an organic origin. GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of garments and textile products made with natural fibers from organic agriculture. The following products are GOTS certified within the Ethos collection: complete sheet, complete duvet cover, quilt (fabric), 1 + 1 set, towel and bathrobe.

2. The kapok

Kapok is a natural fiber obtained from the fruits of a tree very common in South America. This fiber is biological, because it grows spontaneously in pristine forests. Grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, it is still harvested and extracted by hand. From this fruit is obtained a woolly fiber, called "vegetable wool", very suitable for padding. The soft and light Kapok fiber is considered the lightest natural fiber in the world and is able to give softness, while maintaining its shape unchanged over time. Within the Ethos collection, the Kapok has been used in the padding of the following Noctis bed accessories: pillow, pillow mixed with regenerated feather, inside duvet cover.

3. Natural latex

Latex is obtained by coagulating the latex which, by incision, drips from the trunk of some tropical plants.
The natives of South America were in fact the first to discover the "milk" of the Hevea Brasilensis tree. In fact, with the incision, this tree secretes a liquid similar to milk.
For the production of natural latex, whose demand is continuously growing, more and more trees are needed. Planting more trees on the one hand means improving the quality of the air and preserving the fauna and flora in the environments in which Hevea Brasilensis grows, on the other hand giving work and sustenance in often poor corners of the planet.
Within the Ethos collection, natural latex has been used in 100% natural latex pillow Noctis.

4. The PLA

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is an innovative biopolymer, derived from the transformation of sugars present in natural and renewable materials (corn, beet, sugar cane) and therefore not derived from oil, unlike traditional plastic.
PLA is totally biodegradable and compostable, therefore it degrades in the soil once the correct temperature and humidity conditions are reached. By virtue of its characteristics, PLA bioplastic has infinite fields of use, ranging from disposable, to textiles or durable products.
Within the Ethos collection, PLA has been used as padding in the 2 seasons Noctis pillow mixed with cotton.

5. The regenerated polyester

Since the 1950s, with the start of the widespread use of plastic, we have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic. 79% of this plastic ended up partly in landfills and partly in all natural environments as a dispersed microplastic; 12% have been incinerated; only 9% was recycled. Polyester is an extraordinary plastic polymer, modelable, unbreakable, transparent, colored, light, elastic, insulating, non-perishable and above all inexpensive, but its use requires a reflection on the impact it has on the environment, as it is not biodegradable. For this reason, recycling becomes not only useful, but indispensable to combat environmental pollution. Within the Ethos collection, only regenerated and GRS certified polyester was used for the following products: quilt padding, lining and quilting of the Noctis microfiber duvet cover. In addition, the external protective envelope was made with the same fabric as the lining.

6. The regenerated feather

The feather, already produced in itself natural and non-polluting, finds its pinnacle of eco-sustainability in the regenerated feather. The latter in fact, deriving from garments that have been given a second life, allows to reduce the number of intensive farms for the collection of feathers and therefore to reduce CO2 emissions in the air. Therefore, using regenerated feather means not only having lengthened the life cycle of a product, but also having used natural resources in an intelligent way, without waste and without damaging the planet. GRS certified regenerated feathers have been used within the Ethos collection for the following products: feather pillow and Kapok Noctis and feather and Kapok Noctis down inside.

Ethos: all the artistic proposals

The collection features four printed proposals, declined in a complete sheet, complete with duvet cover and quilt.

1. Virtus

It symbolizes vegetation that refuses to be a marginal and expendable part of our world and evokes a nature capable of reacting, forcefully regaining its own space.

2. Glacies

It is a call addressed to all generations, so that each of us chooses to adopt ecologically virtuous behavior in daily life. Safeguarding the environment, countering the melting of glaciers, preserving the sacredness of nature are in fact possible objectives only thanks to eco-sustainable choices.

3. Globe

This design was created with the current situation in our seas and oceans in mind. The drawn profile that surrounds the turtles represents an illusory shelter from the plastic that invades the waters in which they swim.

4. Filos

We increasingly have the urgent need to safeguard the animals that populate our planet.
Elephants, wolves, leopards, owls, squirrels, deer are just some of the animals that reveal themselves to a careful eye through this interweaving of lines, as if to symbolize the growing difficulty with which we are able to see them in their habitat threatened by man.

Aqua: Ethos organic cotton sponge is soft, ethical, made in Italy, but above all it is beautiful. A complete proposal of 1 + 1 sets, towel and bathrobe with a destructured honeycomb, unique in its kind. The entire Ethos accessories collection is eco-friendly. Part of the accessories (Noctis) was made with natural raw materials, part instead with certified regenerated materials.

An eco-sustainable collection also in the pack

All the products in the collection have been created with a pack that guarantees adequate protection, but which at the same time is characterized by a low environmental impact. Boxes, bands, jumpers, pendants are made of paper and cardboard obtained from woody raw material from forests managed in an ethically and ecologically sustainable way and are produced by FSC and PEFC certified companies (paper obtained from responsibly managed forests). The protective bags are made of mater-bi, cotton or regenerated and certified polyester.

Choose the sustainable future, choose Gabel!

Nature observes us and Ethos is its face: the inertia that has characterized modern society in recent years will no longer be an alibi or a refuge.
The future is now: choose to protect the next generations and our planet, choose to contribute to the salvation of humanity and avoid catastrophe, choose Gabel!