Gabel1957 is preparing to amaze during Milan Design Week with a special immersive installation dedicated to its iconic Naturae collection, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Born in March 1999, Naturae is one of the most iconic collections of the Lake Como-based company.

Pioneer of sustainability, dedicated to Nature and designed to respect it, Naturae is a transversal collection, which dresses the whole house, made exclusively in Gabel's factories in Italy using untreated raw materials and carrying the Oekotex STEP certification.

25 years of success in a journey that has led Naturae to dress homes in Italy and around the world, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the table to the living room, developing hundreds of designs, some of which are still best sellers today. The simplicity and harmony of Nature combined with the elegance and charm of the textile tradition, identify the values and Gabel’s choices from an ethical and environmental point of view. Inspiring muse for continuous challenges and new goals to be reached, Naturae has stimulated Gabel on a path of sustainability at 360 degrees: from the choice to use untreated raw cottons, to Step production process certifications, to the search for sustainable packaging up to the installation of solar panels for the energy of the textile production chain, just to name a few.

In the beating heart of the city, where art intertwines with design and Nature merges with human creativity, a unique experience arises: the Flagship shop in Corso Garibaldi is transformed into an oasis of inspiration and beauty entirely dedicated to the Naturae collection.

Already from the outside, the intention to harmonize the environment with Nature is manifest. Skillfully arranged pallets welcome visitors, while a unique work of art catches the eye and invites us to rethink wellbeing, spools of yarns immediately refer to Italian manufacturing, a flagship and excellence. This work embodies the very essence of Gabel's DNA: a marriage of tradition and contemporary manufacturing innovation.

Once you cross the threshold, you are immersed in an unparalleled sensory universe: the video installation, the real beating heart of this experience: suspended in time and space, the installation - unique and exciting - projects an endless loop of images dedicated to Nature. The creations of the style office come to life, dancing on the mega-sheet that hangs elegantly from the mezzanine, transporting viewers on a journey through the natural world and creative flair. And to complete this multi-sensory experience, a specially curated playlist enlivens the room with enveloping notes, creating an evocative atmosphere that invites contemplation and discovery.

Gabel1957 welcomes you to the temple of nature and textile art, where every thread woven is an ode to the beauty and harmony of the world around us.

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