Illimite. A "neologism" to try to tell this time of forks and ridges, so full of challenges but also of great opportunities. A coin-word, with two faces, one positive, the other negative. A term that generates distinctions and separations: right? Wrong? An invitation to reinterpret the old and explore the new: where are we and where could we go, together? A word-window that solicits new gazes and changes of perspective: to decentralise in order to know and recognise? A boundary that orders, protects and separates, that demarcates an inside and an outside, a before and an after. Or a porous threshold, to be crossed to regenerate the future?

Limit or Illimit? Or, perhaps, within contemporary complexity, will it only be the ability to combine the limit and the unlimited in ever unstable balances that will save us?

In perfect TED style, men and women who think, research, undertake, innovate, create, experiment with ideas that deserve to be shared will return to the stage at Villa Erba. Accompanied on a journey of inspiration, we will try with exceptional travelling companions to explore the limit and the unlimited, to take a step forward together in the never-ending quest for a slightly better world. Gabel 1957 will give away a shopper designed and produced exclusively for the event inside which each participant will find a card with a special discount that can be used both on the official website and in GabelCasa shops.

We can't wait! And you, are you registered?