We are preparing to face the winter season and a Hamletic doubt returns: comforter or duvet? Let's analyze similarities and differences of the two accessories for your bed.


The comforter consists of 4 layers of fabric, which make it heavier:

1. External decorative fabric, basically in polyester, jacquard or cotton, more or less colored;
2. Anti-feather interlining, in nylon or polyester, an internal lining, in technical fabric, with fabrics generally softer than the external ones, comfortable and pleasant, able to contain down;
3. The padding can be made with various materials, from goose down to wadding, wool, felt or synthetic fibers;
4. A "downproof interlining" to complete the inner cushion.

Why choosing the comforter? The comforter guarantees a tidy bed, both during the night and when you have made it in the morning: it is a finished garment, complete with padding, quilted together with the outer fabric, creating a single layer.

Another "aesthetic" advantage is given by the size of the comforter: it tends to be much larger than the size of the bed. The excess fabric will allow the comforter to fall sideways giving a very elegant effect to your bed.

The presence of the sheets allows you to create color combinations and to ensure greater hygiene: being in direct contact with the skin, they must often be replaced and washed, ensuring that the comforter can be washed and cleaned at every change of season.


The duvet is a lighter and more comfortable product, which guarantees breathable thermal insulation, able to maintain the ideal temperature. Two outer layers of cotton are sufficient in the duvet, without interlinings.

The great advantage of the duvet is dictated by the versatility and the possibility of choosing the weight: unlike quilts, they have different weights and can be made with different filling materials. The duvet cover guarantees the possibility of choosing the pattern and fabric: microfiber, cotton, percale or satin. The presence and possibility of changing the duvet cover then guarantees a high level of hygiene.


The characteristic of the duvet is the offer of different types of padding, made with different types of feathers. Technically, the duvet is a soft pad characterized by an insulating effect that retains the air. It differs from the feathers and feathers which represent the plumage of the goose and are heavier and less warm than the down, formed by a stem (called rachis) to which the beards are attached. The difference between feathers and feathers is in the quantity and branching of the beards. An excellent quality duvet or quilt filling is made entirely of down.


In conclusion, it is difficult to choose which of the two furnishing accessories is the best: it all depends on the needs and tastes that each of us has and which are predominant within a couple;).
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