Gabel Group is evolving also in the store network: Daniele Moretti interview on corporate strategies and future projects.

We arrive early in the morning in the brand new store in Bologna, a cutting-edge, modern and full of energy store. Daniele Moretti, Gabel's Retail Manager for more than two years, is super ready for the interview.

Daniele, Gabel Group is a company in great development on all fronts. What are the goals for Retail?

The goal is twofold: business and positioning, to do this we have developed a new concept for all GabelCASA stores in recent years. This will allow us to give the correct visibility to the four brands of the Group.

Which categories of stores have been developed by the Retail office?

We have three types of points of sale: the GabelCASA, full price shops, the outlets, with dedicated collections and the "end of series" of full price shops. Finally, the "spacci", larger spaces, dedicated to second choices.

What characterizes the new GabelCASA stores? Which furnishing elements have you thought of placing inside the stores?

Behind me you can find the panel dedicated to the most important dates for the company, which retraces the events that have marked our long history, from the 1950s to today. In our stores, monitors are also implemented with images and videos that represent our reality, our factories, production, collections and everything that revolves around the Gabel universe.

Staff training is now a central element for all stores, what system have you thought of to prepare your employees in the best way?

For almost a year we have started an academy path for all our Store Managers, with the aim of training them to the utmost professionalism and competence.

Daniele, in such a complex historical moment, how do you see the future?

At Gabel we look to the future with full positivity, convinced that the path taken is the correct one and the growth of the stores is the natural consequence.