Italian style and quality to dress your room with elegance and practicality to offer you maximum comfort.

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Quilted plaids, decorative covers, cushions, sofa covers and diffusers: discover our proposal of furnishing accessories for the living area.

The living room is where you welcome your friends and stay with your family. Furnishing accessories such as plaids, cushions, sofa covers and decorative covers made with extreme attention to details, to make your living room unique. Our quilted plaids that embrace you softly  to protect you from the cold winter, while  on the sofa watching your favorite tv show or reading a good book. A decorative cover to customize your living area and your bedroom, a sofa cover helps you to preserve the sofa from stains and dust and more than that to easily change colors and style of the living room enriching it with personality. Gabel 1957 and Vallesusa Casa help you to feel comfortable at home!