Gabel and Somma present their special collections, dedicated to winter sales with discounts on the best household linen products.


For the sales at the beginning of the year, starting on January 5, 2022, the Gabel Group has also created more collections for this year, both by Gabel1957 and by Somma1867. For the white fair, nothing is more suitable than Bianco di tutti i colori for Bed and Table and Bianco Lineare by Gabel1957 and the Privè collection by Somma1867.

Bianco di tutti i colori, in all its versions, is now a classic, which is renewed every year, maintaining the quality and characteristics of always; countless colors and many modern and trendy patterns are suitable to satisfy the most different tastes and needs, in perfect harmony with any type of furniture.

The line dedicated to the table is the right card to play to create a welcoming and trendy atmosphere. Colored tablecloths with different styles, designed for every occasion and able to meet the most distant tastes.




Bianco Lineare, on the other hand, is the collection dedicated to stripes, checks and plaids signed by Gabel1957, with its lively tones makes the bedroom a welcoming but always trendy place.

The fulcrum of the offer dedicated to the White Fair and the winter sales is the Bianco di tutti i colori collection, with countless high-quality proposals for the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all united by the unmistakable style of Gabel1957 and the 100% Italian production, directly controlled and certified sustainable.

Multiple patterns and coordinated plain colors (false plain with small designs), bold colors for designs of character, capable of making the bed, the bathroom and the table protagonists. White of all colors is a rich and transversal collection both in terms of designs proposed and in terms of colors used. The transversality of the designs, which can always be coordinated thanks to the color palette that harmonizes the collection, and the refined chromatic proposal will make possible to satisfy all furnishing styles, satisfying even the most demanding and attentive to novelty customers.


Starting from the bed proposals, for romantic spirits, Gabel1957 proposes the duvet cover sets, bed sheets and comforters Emozioni and Carisma, with floral prints and sober shades ranging from gray to blue, passing through pink and lilac and recalling the flowery fields from the south of France. Sogno, a double-sided false solid color with a small tie design for those looking for a solid color that is never banal and always in fashion, which plays with the double-face with light and dark, effectively giving 2 products in 1. Tracce , is the design, declined in duvet cover sets, complete sheets and quilt, with patchwork print effect, bands of color with different textures, combined in a harmonious world, for a furniture that does not want to be noticed. For those who love the revisited classic, Gabel1957 proposes Seduzione, duvet cover set, bed sheet set and striped comforter in pastel shades, dominated by graceful flowers that contrast with the linearity of the background.

To conclude the wide offer, all the bed accessories: with the BUONANOTTE line, ANTIBACTERIAL MEMORY PILLOW, ANTIBACTERIAL PILLOW, SOFTLYLEN PILLOW, MICROFIBER PILLOW and the relative pillow covers accompanied by the mattress cover ... essential for a good rest. Also offered with special discounts for the first two months of the year.

The Gabel1957 proposal is also very rich for the bathroom area: the Riflessi design is also available in a 1 + 1 terry set, bath towel both embellished with a double chisel decoration, a soft bathrobe with hood and a bathroom mat (with a placed motif and a permanent anti-slip treatment: Stop System), all made of solid color jacquard terry cloth of pure cotton wool. Poesia, is the 1 + 1 terry set in yarn-dyed sponge with jacquard motif and fringes, in three elegant colors. Melodia, on the other hand, is a 1 + 1 set in pure hydrophilic cotton terry with yarn-dyed chisel decorative motifs.

Novelty of this year Bianco di tutti i colori collection is also thinking about the world of cooking and offers ideas for creating a warm and welcoming table. Fusioni and Fantasie focus on color, small geometric shapes intersect and create a cheerful and convivial atmosphere. The tones of blue and gray, but also of red, on a white background to make the table the protagonist, while  Sensazioni and Intreccio, designed for more traditional tables, which do not give up on a modern and trendy touch. Trame proposes the evergreen checked tablecloth, but in a fresh and original version, which holds classic and contemporary together.

Linear textures and warm colors distinguish the Bianco Lineare collection, which with its unexpected color combinations guarantees an effect of great personality, while remaining sober and elegant. The new year is always synonymous with good intentions and resting embraced by the soft Gabel cotton is a good starting point to face the challenges on the horizon. The products in this collection are among the protagonists of the Group's winter promotions: a vast assortment of bed sheet sets, duvet cover sets, comforters and terry cloth sets, all in pure cotton and produced entirely in Italy through cycles.


A young and trendy collection in designs and colors; 4 splendid designs for the bed, all double-sided, give the possibility to create a room that is always different, perfect for those who love to change the image of their room designs available: Eccentric, printed, like the whole collection, on pure cotton 58 threads madapolam to the centimeter, on one side alternates macro rectangles and squares, while on the other a very minimal checkered shirt, shirt style, available in 3 colors, with shades ranging from peach-fuchsia pink, to blue, green and gray to orange, ocher and gray version. Graphic with contrasting macro stripes, a design with a strong personality is available in three variants, Geranio, Riviera and Decò in the double-sided duvet cover and full sheet versions. Incontro maintains the fil rouge of the collection: linearity, geometry, creating the tartan with thin, closely spaced lines, in a special and original way. The other side of the double face offers a decisive and defined checkered pattern. Finally Alchimia, the design with a strong personality, modern, abstract, a geometric but irregular pattern, perfect for bedrooms with a strong style, which do not want to give up the elegance of a classic Gabel product to choose from in 3 very different colors between them; the other side of the double face offers a splendid striped, essential, shirt style. 4 designs, each with a strong personality, available in complete bed, double face quilt, double face duvet cover set for single, large single and double bed.

Bianco Lineare also offers two sponge sets for the bathroom area, coordinating the bed area: Tratto, pure cotton wool with yarn-dyed chisel, a rich, very elegant sponge of 420gr / m2, in the three color variants that bind the collection (white, aloe and metal) and Schemi, face sponge + jacquard host, again in pure cotton wool, with refined contrasting edge also in this case 420gr / sqm, in the indienne, fog beige and metal variants.