To continue its path of qualitative improvement and distinctiveness of the imported product from its competitors, to enhance the sponge products (but not only!) and at the same time to take another step towards sustainability, Gabel Group is carrying out a series of important investments in the technological field.

The Salvadè Mach5 tumbler and the Ferraro squeezing scarf, rigorously Made in Italy (if not even in Como, as the Salvadè), allow in fact to obtain reduced energy and methane gas consumption and therefore a lower environmental impact.

The tumbler drying system installed by us is composed of the Salvadè Mach 5 two-field machine body and a Ferraro squeezing padder mounted in-line into the front, which allows to standardize the degree of humidity before the treatment.

The combination of the temperature (max 150 ° C) and the mechanical action due to a forced ventilation with air flow at 150 Km/h allows to obtain a softer, more voluminous terry with a less "stretched" appearance, more compact and tidy compared to traditional drying in stenter. In addition, a better dimensional stability is obtained during subsequent domestic washing.

The production speed, depending on the weight of the terry to be treated, is between 8 and 15 meters / minute.

The consumption of electricity and methane are minimized thanks to the use of the latest generation inverters on the engines while the friction generated by the strong vibration of the fabric, developing heat, helps to reduce the amount of methane gas necessary for processing.

A further step towards a 100% green energy which is consistent with the Group's historical values ​​will be the installation of photovoltaic solar panels always in the production plant of Rovellasca.

All these initiatives show that sustainability for Gabel Group is not just a slogan, but a deeply rooted lifestyle which translates into concrete actions.