The holidays are approaching: let's review the vocabulary for your table. Tablecloths, table runners, table sets, American sets: how much do we really know? Let's find out together!


The success and the media attention that the kitchen, food and in general all the programs that have to do with welcoming guests are under the eyes of all.
The tablecloth represents today more than ever an essential element of household linen. It can never be missing for lunches, dinners and special occasions. It is a sign of care and attention towards guests and elegance. To adapt to the shape of the table, the tablecloth can have different shapes and sizes: from the most traditional rectangular to square, from oval to round.
Gabel1957 offers various types of tablecloths: rectangular, square and round, classic and refined, casual from every day, in plain jacquard and colored prints. They are available for 4, 6, 8 and 12 table seats. With attention to the smallest details, with detailed prints and finishes, they will be able to give a very special note thanks to the many patterns and colors enriching the decor of your home.
Made in different fabrics: satin, twill, panama, flanders and pure cotton jacquard, our tablecloths are an indispensable furnishing accessory for any occasion: Christmas lunches and dinners, New Year's Eve dinner, birthday parties, summer or spring lunches outside.
Gabel1957 has always been at the forefront in the panorama of textiles and household linens, and it is also on the subject of tablecloths. The great revolution is represented by the always clean tablecloth: the special stain-resistant treatment prevents the penetration of liquids or dust. A treatment invisible to the eye and not perceptible to the touch. It does not require special washing maintenance.


The runner is that band of rectangular cotton, linen fabric, placed centrally and along the length of the furniture, or in the opposite direction, perhaps paired with another equal runner. The runner is able to give your table a unique style: it is a minimal accessory, enhances the decor and adds elegance, enhancing the centerpieces.
It can be used directly on the table, or on the main tablecloth to give greater elegance to our mise en place. Each runner should be matched in contrast to the color of the table: white or neutral colors on dark tables, dark or with bright colors on a light table.
All Gabel1957 runners are made of cotton percale, twill, panama and pure cotton satin, in different colors. The best way to make the table original and impeccable is to combine the tablecloths with the coordinated napkins present in the American sets of the table and kitchen line.


The table service is an elegant, practical and comfortable piece of furniture, for those who experience the table as a moment of meeting and therefore treated in every little detail. All table services are composed of a tablecloth and matching napkins, coordinated with the design.
Gabel presents a wide range of elegant and refined table services in satin, twill, panama, fiandra with pure cotton jacquard processes, of various sizes for your table: for 6, 8, 12 and 18 people.
A table service must not only reflect the decor of a house, but above all that of those who live in it. The fabrics and fabrics of our tablecloths are designed to meet every style requirement in terms of design, colors and prints. Each tablecloth we make is designed according to the most different styles of furniture, to satisfy you on all occasions.


The American placemat sets give your table an immediately recognizable style, made to welcome and make everyone who comes into the house feel at ease.
Suitable for any kind of kitchen or furniture, the placemats of the American sets are ideal for classic or modern wooden tables. Combined with the American runners coordinated within all the sets, they will make the moment of breakfast cheerful and colorful, informal that of lunch and dinner, casual the snack.
These placemats will be able to meet the most diverse needs and the most varied tastes: young people who live alone will be able to appreciate the sets available in multicolored patterns; those looking for practicality and elegance will prefer to opt for the service of American solid color percale sets including matching napkins.