The historic company from Como presents the novelties of Gabel1957 and Somma 1867 for the next season

The rigors of winter require exceptional allies: for this reason, the Gabel Group returns to offer its warm and precious collections designed specifically for the colder seasons, with a special focus on bedroom items, then coordinated with the bathroom and the kitchen, all united by the unmistakable quality and unique style of authentic 100% Made in Italy productions.

The new designs and the numerous innovations introduced in the collections adapt to the tastes and needs of different audiences, always guaranteeing the maximum customization, and are able to provide lively and transversal proposals with which to embellish the whole house, at any time of the year.

One of the most interesting innovations is certainly the introduction of the new processing cycle for the padding of all the quilts in the collection, the Gold Sweet Touch, which gives more volume and more softness to each padding.
Gabel1957 collections

Profumo di Lavanda, the modern floral

Also for this fall / winter, Gabel1957 comes back to propose Profumo di Lavanda, which has always represented the romantic and dreamy soul of the brand. The collection, consisting of complete sheets, warm cotton suits, comforters  and duvet covers, is revisited with a more modern and young style. The three new designs, Jardin, Peony and Madame, beautifully express all the grace of flowers, adding a touch of refinement and trendy colors. The proposals of this collection, however, are the only ones printed on pure cotton percale with 80 threads per cmq and with the patented easy care treatment, are further enriched by the addition of the duvet cover, available in three different designs.

Planet, the refined and always original photographic

This autumn also marks the return of Planet, the Gabel1957 collection created to strike directly at the heart of the youngest souls with its intense emotional charge. While waiting for the next news for the warm season, the best-sellers of the previous year have remained, with 14 designs of linen and 3 designs of loose pillowcases. With their references to cities, animals and different urban landscapes, this collection is able to excite young and old, and transport you all with your imagination to distant destinations and lunar landscapes.

The iconic Chromo collection is revived with a totally renewed look, in particular through the Chromo Print proposal, the natural evolution of the Chromo universe, with its refined shades and lively dimensional contrasts that characterize all the products. The peculiar nature of the Chromo Print color palette was created for the wedding world, with bed sheet sets and duvet covers printed on 58-thread pure cotton madapolam, but also with exclusive comforters treated with the Gold Sweet Touch method. 4 new designs have been introduced in the collection: Nube, Conchiglia, Spezia and Mogano.

Chromo Print, personality and character in the bedroom

The Chromo family contains infinite possibilities. The classic and timeless style of this collection, which has always been the cornerstone of the Gabel1957 bed proposal, has been further enhanced by the 3 new variants for single bed developed for Chromo Basic - Roseto, Essenza and Becco d'Oca -, and by the new variant of Chromo Skin, Petalo, available only in sizes for double beds. For Chromo Luxury, the 8 best-selling variants of the previous season have been proposed again, five of which are available in all sizes. Together with thecomforters - treated with Gold Sweet Touch - and the double-sided duvet cover sets, the flannel sheet sets and traditional sheet sets give life to a warm and innovative proposal, able to satisfy every taste and to impose itself gracefully in any bedroom. The Chromo brand also includes various proposals for the bathroom, table and furniture, all reconfirmed also for the Fall-Winter season.

Teen the collection for teenagers, designed by teenagers

For the cold seasons, Teen will also be back, the collection dedicated entirely to young teenagers and their needs. The line, including quilts, duvet covers, bedspreads and bedsheet sets, was created by some very young stylists in collaboration with the Centro Studi Casnati of Como, and comes with 5 new designs: Evolution, Chamaleon, Urban, Highlighter and City Colors. The refinement of the stroke, together with the very rich color palette of this collection, transform it into a perfect proposal to satisfy the varied tastes of young people, enriching their private spaces with the best quality fabrics, completely Made in Italy.

Joy the daybyday collection

The same cheerful and youthful spirit also characterizes the Joy collection, a real condensation of cheerfulness and lightheartedness. For this proposal, Gabel1957 has conceived new colors specially designed for Autumn / Winter, in line with seasonal shades and with the latest trends. With its versatility, also facilitated by the richness of the chromatic choice, this collection is able to liven up any context, especially during the cold seasons. The value of the proposal has increased considerably thanks to the introduction of new variants for the historic Wilson, Wallace and Scott designs, but above all for the absolute novelty represented by the Edward design, elegant, unisex, which is tinged with the chromatic shades linked to the season that is about to arrive, burnt orange like the most beautiful foliage, sugar paper blue like the autumn sky and acid green like the grass that is affected by the change of weather. In addition to a very high definition of the print, this collection can also count on the quality of madapolam, shared by all the elements of the line.

Carosello, a return dedicated to the baby and junior world

Carosello is instead the new 2021 proposal by Gabel1957 dedicated exclusively to children, a collection of bed sheet sets, duvet covers and comforters characterized by magnificent designs linked to the universe of the little ones, with nice references to balloon and space travel, with suggestive representations of stars and galaxies. The 4 designs proposed are Volo, Urra, Sogno and Astro, all printed on a very precious pure cotton madapolam. Also in this new proposal, the 100% Made in Italy quality of Gabel1957's productions can be touched by hand in every single element. In addition, thanks to special iridescent lacquers, Astro lights up at night.

Trendy the art collection for your room

To better face Autumn-Winter, Gabel1957 also proposes its Trendy collection, animated by the iconic artistic and contemporary spirit. Its abstract and geometric lines, full of references to art and architecture, will appear on comforters, on bed sheet sets and duvet covers, but also on bed sheet sets in warm cotton. In addition to the confirmation of three proposals belonging to the previous season, three new designs have been introduced in this collection: String (available in three sizes), Sand and Silhouette, characterized by the same elegant liveliness that has always represented the soul of Trendy.

Gabel1957 also thought of the kitchen, one of the undisputed protagonists of the cold season: the proposal of Gabel in the kitchen is in fact entirely dedicated to terry kitchen towels. Classic jacquard designs have been revisited in a modern way, with colors and textures intimately linked to the latest trends. The collection is certainly characterized by the quality of its fabrics, but also by the vivacity of the color palette, capable of capturing every glance in a few moments.

The proposal of Gabel1957 is completed by the duvets both in feather and in hypoallergenic synthetic, of the Nottetempo collection, available in the variants Tiepido, Caldo, Caldissimo and 4 Stagioni, with their exclusive down-proof pure cotton cambric or satin covers and a padding capable of ensuring a high pleasantness to the touch.


Gabel1957's commitment to sustainability

Great protagonist also for next autumn / winter, the green collection of Gabel1957, Ethos, made of pure cotton certified GOTS (green certification, the most important internationally for textile products made with fibers from organic farming). The confirmation of the company's sustainable choices, for Gabel1957, is evidenced by the fact that natural materials such as cotton, feathers, wool and kapok, thus ensuring a low impact on the environment for each individual product. Each Ethos proposal contains a message focused on sustainability, on the threats affecting natural ecosystems, with the aim of promoting an eco-sustainable approach in every consumer. The 3 new designs are Ocean, Forest and Nature: with their freshness, but also with the profound meaning contained in the designs, they are able to embellish any bedroom.

The novelties of Ethos are also declined in the bathroom proposal, in which the three designs related to the world of linen - Globe, Glacies and Filos - and the Aqua honeycomb sponge have been confirmed. A new variant has been added to the last one: a 1 + 1 terry set, with a towel and a bathrobe with a deconstructed honeycomb.

In the Ethos collection, a 100% eco-compatible line, the accessories for the Noctis bed were also confirmed, made with natural and regenerated raw materials (the rest was produced with certified regenerated materials).

Gabel1957's support for the sustainable transition is also confirmed by the choice to re-propose a collection like Naturae, a true emblem of the company's commitment to respect and protect  the environment. The collection is characterized by its simplicity, but also by its extreme versatility that allows it to effectively satisfy all kinds of needs. The main innovations are represented by the new printed designs, Aria and Aurora, by the refined embroidered Gemma designed for a classic and traditional audience - and by the introduction of the Fonte solid color world with its dusty shades to be creatively combined with the other elements of the collection and with an innovative finish that makes the fabric super soft and sagging. The quilt has also been introduced, along with a new rust variant declined on the lucky design Orizzonte. For the creation of Orizzonte - a design born 20 years ago with the beloved and timeless Naturae collection - the Como-based company reused the original printing cylinder, confirming its commitment to an increasingly sustainable production. For two of the new proposals, the Aria design and the plain source color, new buttons made with recycled cotton have been introduced.

In the Naturae proposals dedicated to the bathroom, two new variants have been conceived, while the Fiume design has been reintroduced in the 1 + 1 set and bathrobe. The stylistic features of the latter design are also taken from the new Brughiera proposal, while the 1 + 1 terry set has been enhanced with the new variant of Felci. The company has also confirmed five designs belonging to the previous season: Alisma, Elodea, Lobelia, Stella and Bamboo.

Naturae collection also includes several proposals for the table, including two new tablecloths Eden and Linfa, printed on Panama of pure cotton, while the two best-selling designs Orizzonte and Stella have also been reconfirmed for Autumn Winter.