Change of season: Gabel Group offers precious suggestions to renew the look to the house and lights the spotlights on the quilts. Designs in warm, relaxing, autumnal tones ... just like the season of the moment. How to make the sleeping area wonderful?

We have the solution! Quilts made exclusively with natural fibers, untreated, in full respect of the environment using supports ranging from canvas to percale, to precious satin. Not only new designs but also the use of a totally eco-sustainable material: the Ingeo ™ used for the padding of the Naturae Collection quilts. Ingeo ™ is 100% derived from annually renewable resources such as corn; it is able to offer equal, if not better performance, in terms of resilience (thrust) and insulation (insulating power), to those of technological fibers derived from oil. Ecosustainability, respect for the environment, simplicity and quality: these words perfectly identify the collection's Gabel philosophy. Still quilts in feather and in soft hypoallergenic fiber with an elegant and refined style or young and colorful to satisfy every taste, you just have to choose!