After the success of last year, the famous Como brand of textiles and household linen, also for this 2020 proposes its Christmas collections proudly Made in Italy and eco-sustainable.

Lots of novelties related to designs, materials and packaging, which will be completely eco-friendly again this year more than ever.

When we think of Christmas we think of family, friends, children, because Christmas holidays are dedicated to happy moments spent in the company of loved ones. The magic of Christmas is unique for young and old and the table becomes the protagonist, the most important place around which you spend hours that will turn into indelible memories: for this reason it is important to take care of the mise en place, choosing patterns and details that create the right Christmas atmosphere.

In a year in which the evolution of events is fast and unpredictable, in which the concept of "normality" is aligned with the concept of "resilience", the resumption of "good habits that are good for you" is a daily commitment of many: rediscover the beauty of our homes and the importance that the furnishing of domestic environments has in representing us, in transmitting serenity, in making us feel good and make us feel protected. Because it is not just a matter of making our life more practical and easier: never as in recent months has it been understood how important it is to surround ourselves with beautiful things or that simply make our “home” moments better!

For these special moments, Gabel1957 offers two best-selling collections: an explosion of typically Christmas proposals, dominated by red, white and green, with the "Merry Christmas" collection; while the “Magie” collection, characterized by gold and silver shades, discreetly flirts with the world of luxury, addressing an elegant and refined public.

The 2020 Christmas table is dressed in splendid Christmas tablecloths with the most iconic shades and patterns, to the most refined with precious decorations, to the most brilliant with lurex threads woven with pure cotton; but not just tablecloths and tableware, also runners, pot holders, tea towels, calendars, furniture cushions, aprons and American sets. Gabel1957's proposal, between tradition and modernity, is perfect for satisfying all tastes and lighting up the atmosphere!

And why not have an eye on Nature? In the period in which "everyone is better", the attention to sustainability can be concretely demonstrated by choosing to make "thought" gifts, selected from a vast assortment of home solutions made with a sustainable production cycle, respectful of environment and ethics, with 100% Italian production that employs hundreds of families in our country.

Buon Natale

The evolution of the "Merry Christmas" collection is presented with new motifs and a color palette inspired by the latest trends. The elegant table sets or comfortable kitchen sets embody the most authentic spirit of Christmas and with their simple presence they can immediately change the atmosphere of the dining room and kitchen. The collection is 100% Made in Italy and also includes a wide range of tablecloths, runners and dish towels with which to make the Christmas period even more special. Gabel1957 also offers the opportunity to create a completely personalized gift box, giving anyone the opportunity to select their favorite products from the collection and to create gift compositions designed specifically for their loved ones.

The solutions of the “Merry Christmas” line have been created using only pure cotton, without polyester, in order to present completely natural, recyclable and biodegradable products to the public. Attention to the environment is evidenced by the choice of inserting ecological padding in some elements of the collection, such as pot holders or oven gloves, but also by the use of cardboard boxes for packaging, from which every plastic element has been removed . Here are some of the 20 designs in the collection.


Gabel1957 also offers a more refined line, characterized by shades of gold and silver, with classic tableware and timeless elegance. The products of the “Magie” collection are not strictly linked to Christmas and offer wide possibilities of use even outside the holidays.

Gabel1957's proposal comes with 10 designs made with high quality yarns, such as jacquard fabrics, and is of great visual impact. The “Magie” tablecloths and table sets make convivial moments even more special, and can be used for dinners, informal lunches or parties with friends. The elegance of the collection can also be seen in the sober and refined lines that characterize the packaging, but also in the high stylistic quality that unites each individual product. Also this collection, like "Merry Christmas", was created in full respect of  the environmnent, with sustainable and low environmental impact products.