With the arrival of winter and the great cold, some questions arise spontaneously to answer with your partner: "For our nights, what do we choose between duvet and comforter?"

She loves the comforter, he loves the duvet cover, how to reconcile? Gabel 1957 answers this question by highlighting the characteristics and differences between duvet and quilt and offering all the information to be able to choose together.


When you are embraced by a duvet or a comforter, the first sensation given by both is certainly of great warmth. Both the comforter and the duvet can then be padded with hypoallergenic fiber or with natural materials, such as goose down, ingeo wool, silk or hypoallergenic synthetic fibers.
The common points end here, however, there are numerous differences: the comforter is made up of three layers. The external fabric can vary according to tastes and choices: it is decorative, in cotton with jacquard or printed processing. An internal lining, with generally softer fabrics than the external ones, has the task of transmitting comfort and pleasure to our body. A padding in natural material such as goose down or hypoallergenic synthetic fiber.
The biggest difference concerns the "dressing of the bed": the duvet cover is more modern and only covers the bed surface (without the cushions). The comforter covers the whole bed, in a more formal and elegant, classic way, with coordinated sheets and pillows.
The comforter is infinitely refined, belongs to a ritual, a ceremony and is only winter. In our selection of duvets instead you will also find the 4 seasons, with the possibility of using it all year round.


The weight indicates the weight of the quilt or duvet and allows you to get an idea of ​​the heat given off and retained. Weight is a fundamental dimension in the choice and the quilt generally weighs twice the duvet. The higher the quality of the feather inside the quilts and duvets, the less quantity will be needed to fill them, making them softer and lighter.


The decision depends on a mere personal choice. Our solution is not to choose between duvet and comforter but to choose both according to the collection.
Gabel 1957 offers a huge choice of both (double, single or square and a half), all strictly Made in Italy, with an extraordinary possibility for the duvet covers to be personalized with the favorite image, chosen and sent by the customer.
All the difficulties of inserting the duvet into the duvet cover are overcome thanks to our PiùMio system, which allows you to greatly facilitate the procedure.
We have revolutionary quilts, from our eco-sustainable Naturae collection, woven in natural cotton with ingeo interior, derived from corn.
We also offer quilts and duvet covers designed exclusively for the little ones at home (with drawings of unicorns, teddy bears and puppies).

Gabel 1957 is this and much more, the choice is yours!