Profumo di Lavanda

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Flowers with their thousand shades and shapes give life to elegant and refined designs. Each flower tells its story and makes you lose in sweet memories and evoke new sensations.

Alice Z. designer

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Profumo di Lavanda is one of the most historic and popular collections of the brand Gabel 1957.
A delicate and dreamy style, a romantic story to tell on sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths and dish dryers. Timeless and modern floral patterns, suitable for every taste and occasion. The innovative digital printing technique on pure cotton panama allows a placed and even more original design. The collection reflects that desire for freshness and color that we would like with us all year round; it is an invitation to stop and let yourself be inebriated by the most suggestive and aromatic Provence.

Talking about collection

Stupendo percalle, morbido e con stampe floreali bellissime. Davvero si stira facile a volte non lo stiro del tutto ed è perfetto sul letto

Elegante, romantica ma giovane nelle fantasie floreali e nei colori. Ho 24 anni, adoro i fiori e queste lenzuola stiro facile sono perfette per me