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With Naturae, a term of Latin derivation, we want to think about the future of Nature, protecting the world around us with a low environmental impact collection.

Maria P. designer

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Naturae is a Made in Italy and certified production characterized by the use of raw cotton fabric that is neither bleached nor over-dyed and is still today one of Gabel1957's iconic and famous collections. The etymological meaning of Naturae refers to Birth, as a renewed respect for the Environment and the Earth. 
New designs bring back a primordial harmony between man and earth; subjects, colors and three-dimensional shapes, not just vegetation.

Talking about collection

Appunti di stile: grazie per i suggerimenti di mixare la tinta unita stropicciata e morbida con il nuovo disegno stampato, effetto wow.

Tributo al Pianeta con questa collezione ogni anno sempre più bella!