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The yarn-dyed effect given by virtuous games of printing, overlapping of colors and plays of shades. Joy is the joy of living.

Elisabetta P. & Maria P.


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Joy is certainly the most cheerful and sparkling collection of Gabel 1957. A real must-have that knows no season or rivals all year round. Prints that reconstruct jacquard effects in irresistible fashion variations dress the house with a new and exuberant energy. Designed for those who do not want to adapt to the energy of the room but want to influence it personally. Its rainbow colors and patterns can be combined to recreate even brighter and more lively atmospheres.

Talking about collection

Coloratissima e di tendenza. La adoro e ne ho già comprate diverse fantasie

Adoro gli scozzesi in tutte le sue sfumature, copripiumini belli, eleganti, colorati e alla moda