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Style and research intertwine to revolutionize living, in the name of Nature's revenge.

Alice Z. designer

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With Ethos, Gabel reconfirms its values and love for our planet. An ode to a green lifestyle conquered by embracing all aspects of sustainability. The bed sets (sheets and duvet covers) and bath towel sets are in pure GOTS certified organic cotton; comforters and bed accessories are in cotton, feather, wool, kapok and latex and regenerated synthetics. Packaging has a low environmental impact. Available in multiple colors, from classic to trendy, Mille terry-cloth is produced using renewable energy within the Gabel factories and it is certified Oeko-tex.

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Bella scoperta! Teleria per il letto elegante e morbidissimo con questo percalle organico

Stilosa…i disegni sono stupendi e il percalle morbidissimo