Gabel is proud to announce the recognition of the prestigious STeP by OEKO-TEX® (Sustainable Textile Production). An environmental certification for ecological textile plants that intend to communicate, in a transparent and credible way, their own path towards increasingly sustainable production conditions.

STeP has been made possible thanks to a process that has led the Gabel Group to choose to invest and produce over 93% of products in Italy, an operation that not only guarantees high quality standards of Made in Italy but at the same time ensures special attention to the environmental impact of production processes that cannot be totally controlled outside of Italy. A complete analysis on corporate and social sustainability led to obtaining from the audit a very positive assessment that placed the company in the maximum segment (the third level), that of the "best practices". This certification, which is in constant elaboration, pushes our group to continue the improvement processes, in order to increase more and more the performance and obtain an even higher evaluation on every aspect that will be evaluated. Find out more on