In order to get out of its current deep economic troubles, Italy has to build upon its excellences. Buying authentic Italian products will provide a necessary and effective means for restoring Italy's social and economic structure: choose Gabel, choose Italy!


We are witnessing without any doubt the worst social, economic and financial catastrophe since the end of World War II. The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has plunged the nation into a severe depression, which has hit every industrial sector, from design to fashion, from restaurants to the tourism industry, as well as entertainment and cultural businesses. The forced lockdown, which was imposed since March has caused the closure of thousands of businesses and Italian companies, with enormous financial losses, which will strongly affect Italy in the next months.
The Home Textile sector, in which the Gabel Group has been active for 60 years, is facing enormous and unprecedented difficulties. Our business had achieved very good results before the crisis, and we were looking with optimism to the future. The pandemic is going to jeopardize all the good things done in the recent past.


Is there a solution for recovering from our darkest hour? How can we be able to reestablish our glorious past and overcome all difficulties? The answer is simple: through "mindful buying". This means a radical change with respect to our concept of consumer attitude and our buying behavior. The fundamental step to a conscious, mindful buying experience is the recognition of the "Italianness" of a company, which means the true "Made in Italy"-character of this company. Today, the only weapon for overcoming the crisis is to be aware of the real value provided by true Italian products and services. Only in this way we will be able to restart the economy: by supporting the true Italian production.


Many businesses, even in our sector, claim an Italian origin of their products. However, this claim is often untrue. Currently, Italian laws allow for the "Made in Italy" sign to be applied to products which are only nominally Italian. It is a fact that all home textile businesses in Italy have relocated their production to distant and even shady territories, often in Eastern Europe and in South-East Asia, using local labor and very cheap textiles. All but one. And this exception is Gabel. In fact, Gabel is the only company keeping the entire production chain within the Italian borders, starting with the weaving process up to the packaging step: our factories in Rovellasca and Buglio In Monte frequently invite visitors to their production lines, in order to witness firsthand the quality of their output.


Buying GABEL-marked products does not only mean choosing precious and eco-friendly products, but it is also a revolutionary act, a mindful, bold choice, the willingness to help our nation, which is the most beautiful in the world. Let's start with Como, our beloved city on the lakeshore. Let's start again from our factories, the love for quality, which always characterizes textiles and products signed by Gabel.
Be wary of people claiming that they are selling products which are "made in Italy", try to be always informed and conscious in your buying behavior. Let's make Italy great again: BUY ITALIAN! CHOOSE GABEL!