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Chromo is fantasy, a little big fantasy: a rainbow of colors designed for everyone's needs.

Elisabetta P. designer

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Born in the 90s, it has been enriched over time with home's furnitures, starting from the bed (duvet covers, bedspreads and quilts), to the bathroom with terry-cloth towels and sets. The table's world with refined table services and tablecloths for daily use and the world of living with sofa covers and furniture cushions.
Chromo has very numerous nuances, divided into 4 families: Chromo Classic, Chromo Luxury's lights, metallic and pearlescent iridescence on the edges of the sheets and covers.
Chromo Skin with three-dimensional effect, modern and captivating. It is a modern interpretation of one of the most popular items, with which it is also introduced the exclusive fabric bag, reflecting the growing sustainable commitment of Gabel1957.

Talking about collection

Ereditato da mia mamma, da quando vivo sola compro i colori di tendenza che escono ogni stagione

Il luxury…davvero elegante e unico. L’effetto resta anche dopo i lavaggi. Prodotto di grande qualità